Stuart Weitzman Highland boots

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I am back with another outfit post! This time I collaborated with an amazing blogger Belinda of This Kenyan Dubai Chronicles. I love how people who live in Dubai are always so friendly! We had so much fun shooting for this post.

Last year I was introduced to a luxury brand Stuart Weitzman. I was pleasantly surprised about how beautiful and comfortable Stuart Weitzman shoes are, especially high-heels and the boots. While doing the photo-shoot we did quite a bit of walking and the Prague castle area is definitely not high-heel friendly, therefore I can safely say they are very comfortable and they look amazing!

While I worked at the boutique last summer, I had an opportunity to get to know each shoe and its amazing how perfectly crafted they are. It is clear that their shoes are not only of a very high quality, but also are designed to fit many different customer foot types. For example different fit for high or low instep or different calf sizes. Finally my mum was able to find the perfect boots after looking everywhere and the Stuart Weitzman boots look just perfect on her.

I want to share with you a few interesting observations from my time at the boutique. For example, many people in Czech Republic seem to have pretty large shoe size, starting from size 40 and going up to 43. I find this interesting because for example my grandma’s shoe size is 36, mine is 38, so it is quite hard to find the right shoe for the right customer since the range is so huge. Also many people have one foot half a size smaller/bigger than the other, which means they have to buy a larger size and put a comfortable pad in the shoe to have a perfect fit. It is extremely important for the shoes to be made well and from good quality materials to ensure the customer has a comfortable experience. It is also important to take time to try various shoes to see what fits, it really makes a huge difference.

My suggestion, if you are going shopping for a specific shoe, you should always wear the outfit you will wear with it. It will allow you to see the whole outfit together. Moreover, don’t be afraid to try different styles. In my experience, when a customer chose a particular shoe, sometimes she wanted to buy it even when it didn’t fit her as it should and if we managed to convince her to try a completely different style, even if she initially didn’t like it, it looked absolutely stunning and it fit perfecly. Often those were the shoes customers chose to buy afterwards. So it pays off to try different styles.

Let me know about your experience with Stuart Weitzman shoes and if you visit Prague, definitely come visit the boutique in the center of Prague. Their address is U Obecního domu 2, Praha 1 and follow the Instagram page Stuart Weitzman Prague to get inspired.












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Spring around the corner…

This week me and my two friends decided to make a shopping trip to Dresden. While the girls took Primark by storm I spent most of my time in the chocolate and cookies section, because German sweets are just the best, but I still managed to find 4 things to wear that I had to buy a burgundy hat, pink trousers, pink maxi sweater and a white top.

I really enjoyed switching off for the day after a tough weekend of studying. Currently, we are doing a course on Effective Presentations and like all the classes so far it is very interesting and a great skill to learn for both professional and personal development, but also very challenging especially if you have stage fright 😀





p.s. It might look like Spring is around the corner, but I did feel quite cold, gonna have to wait a little bit longer to wear an outfit like this.

Eyebrow Extensions

So as I went to my usual facial yesterday, I was talking to my beautician about how I don’t know what to do with my eyebrows anymore…I’ve tried to use castor oil, but its really hard not to forget so I managed to do it for like a week…to see a difference you would have to do it for 3 weeks at least so that didn’t work out…

I have been thinking about the tattoo for a long time, but I really feel like it doesn’t look natural and as I am blonde it wouldn’t look good on me so I asked why don’t they do the eye brows like they do the eye lashes and she said well its possible…

Here is before and after (excuse my redness after the facial) 😀

What do you think? Let me know in the comments 🙂



Natali Ruden #MyWay Fashion Show Prague

On 14th January me and my best friend attended an incredible Fashion Show of a famous Czech designer, Natali Ruden. She introduced her new collection titled “My Way” while celebrating her twenty year anniversary in the Fashion Industry. Her stunning collection was presented by some of the most famous Czech and Slovak models, including the gorgeous Slovak model Andrea Veresova and our Czech Miss 2015 Nikol Svantnerova. The show was accompanied by special effects and sounds.

Take a look at what I caught on my camera. 🙂

2016-01-14 19.15.15.jpg









Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend

On Sunday, I had the chance to attend Prague Fashion Weekend for the first time and it was sooo amaazing! I was not only impressed with the fashion shows, but also with the outfits of the guests and the interior of the Ziba building. Here are some of the photos I took…

2015-03-22 18.40.40

Ivana Mentlová

2015-03-22 19.25.17

Petra Ptáčková

image   image

Martina Špetlová

imageimage  image

Denisa Nová

2015-03-22 19.32.38   2015-03-22 19.33.01

Klára Nademlýnská

image image  2015-03-22 19.38.12

I saw a quote on Instagram that said something like “I want to go back, I wasn’t ready” and I think its appropriate. It went so fast! I worked backstage of a fashion show before and so I can imagine how much work there is behind everything and than it only lasts like 5 minutes. Fashion really is so fast-paced.

I think every collection had something interesting and it was very high in quality. My most favourite as a whole was the collection by Klára Nademlýnská. I think its the most wearable one, I love the red gloves and the hats. I want to wear it all! I also liked the red dress by Denisa Nová. I think it was really well styled with the hairstyle.

I was never really familiar with Czech designers and now I am realising how amazing their collections are and I will definitely prefer Czech designer over another brand next time I will want to buy some special piece because their work is impressive.

KARA skirt…

In this next outfit I am wearing a signature pink tulle skirt from a boutique label set up by my friend in Dubai, Khyara Ranaweera. When I saw the skirts for the first time I just wanted to get all of them! They are elegant, feminine made to fit, personalised to my own preferences and really one of a kind…

Photo 5

Detail 2

Photo 8

Photo 2


Photo 1

I am wearing:

KARA skirt, Aldo, Aldo Accessories and Rossini

Last summer, I had the chance intern for KARA skirts, mainly working on PR and social media and since than I am trying to target my studies and effort to work in this field. Here are some of the skirt outfit collages I designed…

StyledByKARA 47 StyledByKARA 50

StyledByKARA 53 StyledByKARA 45StyledByKARA 51 StyledByKARA 46

StyledByKARA 25 StyledByKARA 35

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